Saturday, November 18, 2006

We found out recently that the St. Maurus church in Dana was sold. Tyler and I had desperately wanted to buy it when we were living there. We went so far as to write a proposal to the board members. We hoped to turn it into an artist's residency. It's quite beautiful inside with a kitchen and two bathrooms downstairs. In fact, it’s part of the reason why we came out here. When Tyler attended his cousin's wedding in Dana 9 years ago he went exploring early one morning and stumbled upon the St. Maurus. He tried the door and it was open. Inside it was immaculate. He noticed a choir balcony and went up to discover an organ. Tyler's grandparents had owned an organ when he was a kid. When he chanced on this organ in Dana he quite happily sat down and played. He was already greatly impressed by the beauty of his surroundings. It is a moment he’s never forgotten. We waited four months in Dana hoping the church would be ours (it had been empty all these years). Finally we gave up. Turns out that the board member who had long been refusing to let the church go was sick and died shortly after we moved to Bruno. The church was immediately sold. There was no way we could buy it so soon after buying our store. From what we hear it went for a very reasonable price. Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be but we are a little heartbroken nonetheless.

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Brock said...

A few summers ago I went to a funeral in rural Saskatchewan. The urn was buried in a cemetary in a rural graveyard beside a church. I was surprised to find the church unlocked (I'm from Vancouver too) and ended up playing the organ for a while too. That's such a cool church. Love your blog and hope for all the best with your prarie odessey.