Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When will the painting end? We started on Saturday and were immediately faced with a crisis. The heavily textured ceiling turned into a crumbling mess when introduced to the paint roller. We went out and purchased a specialized extra foamy roller and it did the trick but boy did the paint go fast. Now we've moved on to the walls & shelves. We're not sure about the colours we chose but can't afford to change our minds. When I used to dream about buying a house and fixing it up I always imagined it would be fun. It's not fun. Not yet.


Anonymous said...

hey, don't see my post from the other day so i thought i drop a line a gain.

Hello Serena and Tyler!
i was thinking i hadn't run into you for a while... no wonder. Well an interesting spot to choose to lay a homebase. not need to Bruno but i'll be on the check list next time i'm doing the x-cross country trek.

yup the ripping the floor is a major undertaking to start this time of the year. Solvents and scrappers will do the trick for the most part, but don't do this with closed door!

on other news, i haven't drowned in the rain and since we can't drink the tap, i'm going for a beer.

hope your store can have a bit of a dance floor so that traveling bands can have a stop over and play ur shop!


jean routhier

TB said...

Glad to hear from you! Yes, please stop by and bring the band. I don't seem to have your email so you'll have to email us (the email is listed on the All Citizens website). Keep in touch!