Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tyler and I borrowed a book about the history of Bruno from the library. It's called "Up To Now" and was published by The Bruno History Book Committee in 1984. There's loads of interesting information in it, including family histories on everyone who was living here! Most fascinating to us was the history of our building:

"The Krustus building was built in 1907 by Krustus as a blacksmith shop and was located at the rear of what was formerly the Red & White Store. He operated it regularly until 1909, and occasionally, between his farm work, for a few years longer.

It had a short vacant spell and then in 1914 it was taken over by the R.M. of Bayne and was moved up to the sidewalk to be used as an office. Frank Hamm, the secretary, had had his original office on his farm, but for a short time he had used a part of the emergency hospital for his work, until he moved to the Krustus place.

The R.M. moved to Dana the following year and the place was purchased by Anton Fisher who had operated a harness shop in partnership with Mink, on Main Street. Fisher ran a harness shop in the building for several years, after which it served briefly as a dress shop for three or four years except for a short period when Ralph Gardwyne ran a second-hand shop in it. The Bruno Co-op purchased it in 1941 and when they moved to their present site in 1945, it was purchased by Nick Dirk who operated a Red and White store in it. It is presently Marion’s Ceramics and is owned and operated by Marion Lauer."

As far as we know, after the passing of Marion Lauer the building was purchased and used as a residential rental suite. Then we came along. We have met people in town who took ceramic classes from Marion and they have very fond memories of her.


Blogger kickpleat said...

ooh, i love hearing about the history of buildings. what a great story!

12:13 PM  
Blogger Patty said...

Hey! I'm in that book (Up to Now). Look up the Pulvermacher (Francis and Thekla - who have recently passed away).. I'm one of their grandkids.. my mom grew up in Bruno.... not very exciting I know (I live in Ottawa) but its got a lot of amazing, subtle beauty. The sunsets, the AWESOME summer weather, beautiful landscapes...

Good luck with this art venture - my uncles next door to you (Jerome and Peter) will take good care of ya!

9:53 AM  
Blogger dallas said...

Jerome and Peter are great fellows...
I look forward to visiting the All Citizens this weekend...

6:37 PM  

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