Friday, May 12, 2006

There are lots of mosquitoes.
I really need a shower.
The population of Dana is approx. 28 (so I was told by a life-long resident). There is no restaurant, no stores, no discerable businesses of any kind (besides an auto wrecking yard, I guess that counts). There are two non-functioning churches. Tyler's cousin and her husband, who own the house in which we are living, bought one of the churches 8 or so years ago. They got married in it and haven't really done anything with it since. They visit the house once in a while, but are currently living in Gibsons, BC. We have our eye on the other empty church. It would make a great home with plenty of studio space. It is a newer church with bathrooms and a kitchen. Apparently there are politics involved in selling it and so it remains empty. One can only hope. The landscape around Dana is stunning.

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