Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So far business has been slow but we expected as much. I'm trying to provide customers with as much information as possible, which includes posting reviews and biographical information about artists and their work. We're going to be advertising in the Bruno Times starting in May and we're still planning our official grand opening bonanza. We've also signed up for high speed rural wireless internet which will help facilitate the creation of an online store. No more painfully slow dial up, yes!! I'm celebrating too soon since we're told it will take a couple weeks to get someone out here to install it. To qualify for wireless internet out here you have to be able to see the Bruno grain elevator from your roof.

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Flatlander said...


I just wanted to write and say that I just found your blog and I've enjoyed it so much. I started at the beginning and read all the way through. I grew up in Bruno, but left for BC years ago, so it's so interesting to see someone making the big move in the other direction. I hope your shop is a sucess--next time I'm back home to visit my family I'll make sure that I stop in for a coffee!