Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I thought I would post some before & after pics of both the shop and the dreaded sink / laundry room which was the cause of so many delays. Many thanks to Corey from the Tongue N Groove for the stackable washer and dryer and to my father for driving it here all the way from Lethbridge.


Joanne said...

Looks great Serena!!
I'm sure as time goes on, word will get around and more people will drop by either for a coffee and/or out of curiosity to look at the goods.

A large clay pot with some flowers in it, just outside the store would be nice to add a welcoming feature. Also, perhaps a rustic wooden bench outside the store (if permitted) for people to sit on - for a customer or a passerby.

It extends the shop to the outside and lets the outside know that you are open for business.

Just some suggestions. Hope you don't mind.

Jenna said...

It looks great - what a fun shop! I'm happy things are finally going well for you guys.