Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Under normal conditions I would have written a long post last week about the Bruno Cherry Festival. Tyler and I decided this year to participate as vendors and move our espresso machine on site. We thought there would be busy moments but didn't expect non stop customers. We were wrong. Around 2000 people attended. We weren't used to being busy so we weren't physically or mentally prepared! There was no time to actually take in the festival, save for stuffing myself with cherry pie as fast as I could, and not a single photo was taken. I am instead posting a photo from last year. Luckily we were able to listen to author Yann Martel's talk which kicked off the festival on Friday night (we were vendors Saturday and Sunday). Tyler even played music while everyone enjoyed cherry cheesecake afterwards. We look forward to next year!

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xiz said...

Sounds like a great time! I wish we'd been there for the festival .. I know my family and I were a little sad that we just missed it this year.

Glad things went well for you.

- Chris