Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tyler's building us an A-frame storage shed.


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toronto craft alert said...

hi there,

my mother-in-law owns a sewing machine shop in saskatoon - i'm going to send her over to visit you, and next time i'm in saskatoon i will too.

a friend sent me a link to your blog as my husband & i are contemplating the very same move (well toronto > rural ontario) for similar reasons. i was hoping to open an independant craft store/tea shop in t.o. but got overwhelmed by the cost of such an endeavour (among other things). what you have done is pretty much exactly what i hope to do someday...though i have many fears about "going rural". it has been a real comfort to read through your posts - face some of those fears vicariously & see you conquer them. thanks so much!


Unknown said...

Thanks for such a lovely comment Jen. I look forward to meeting your mother-in-law, hopefully you'll be able to visit too some day!