Sunday, May 20, 2007

I was lying on the couch today looking out into our yard when bang!, a bird flew into the window. I slowly crept up to the cill and there it was sitting on our cement patio. I closed the blinds to prevent another accident. The bird was totally still. Tyler thought he was either dead or dying but I refused to believe it. Not this bird, not when it looked like it had flown straight off of the birthday card I had received earlier in the day. It has to be a bad omen for a beautiful bird to die before one's eyes on one's birthday, right? I sat by the window and spied through the blinds for what seemed like an hour. First I noticed him breathing. Then slowly he started to move his head. I swear the thing looked right at me.

I waited.

And then he flew away.


Joanne said...

Such a beautiful bird. And a lovely card too. It's a shame that so many birds get injured or killed by flying into glass windows. I'm glad this story had a happy ending.

Do yo know what sort of bird it is?

Anonymous said...

A birthday bird!!!! How cool....I am so glad he made it. I never would have thought a bird like that would be in SK....but maybe he was there just for you. :)Amy(:

Anonymous said...

i love the store and the blog!
Anyway, that's a yellow finch and there are tonnes of them in Saskatchewan.

Serena said...

I have it on good authority that the bird in question is a male goldfinch. It's not one of the birds on the card, which I didn't actually think it was, it just looked kinda similar to my untrained eye (especially to the one in the middle row far left). I guess the coincidence is that I receieved a card with, among other cute birds, little yellow birds on it and then within a couple hours one flew right at me only to be blocked by an unfortunate plate of glass. There wasn't any particular reason for Tyler to buy me that card with birds on it. I'm not a bird watcher and it wasn't even a birthday card. It was blank.