Friday, March 16, 2007

After just over a month long stay in Edmonton I arrived back in Bruno on Wednesday. I managed to reschedule our health inspection for the day after I arrived (originally it had been set for February 13th). We passed with only a couple small recommendations: buy a thermometer for our fridge and shatterproof covers for the fluorescent lights. We'll get a certificate in the mail in the next week or so at which point we're free to open. I have to admit the months of delays have left me a little exhausted (our plan had been to open in December and now it's midway through March!!!) but this is good and I imagine we'll open our doors within the next two weeks.


Joanne said...


That's fan-tastic!

Welcome back to cyber world :D

p.s. the shop's looking great

kickpleat said...

the store looks great! i can't wait to hear about the opening.

J.T. said...

Those shelves look gorgeous.
Good work guys.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Glad you're back, and that the shop will be open soon.

-- Chris Story

Serena said...

I was worried that my month long absence might result in a loss of readership but I'm glad to see I was wrong! Thanks everyone!