Thursday, December 21, 2006

Once again I've been saved by Bernadette the cowboy poet. When I met her last she asked a favour of me: she needed some metal rings for the decorative tatting she does. She asked that Tyler and I keep an eye out for them when we were next in the city. Tyler stopped by a craft store in Saskatoon and sure enough they were there so he bought some and today I gave her a call. I was in the depths of despair when she stopped by to pick them up. She came bearing a large bag of garden carrots! She then asked if I'd like to join her for coffee so we went next door to the café where we met up with two of her friends. These women are close in age to my grandmother , I was quite touched to be so warmly welcomed by them. Bernadette recited some of her poetry and had us all in stitches. Bruno is definitely a jewel of a town.

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