Friday, November 03, 2006

We went to another auction. This one was in the evening and was thankfully held indoors. Our goal was to get a dehumidifier. Sadly, the bidding went up to $75, way beyond our budget. We consoled ourselves with new clothes. New clothes from an auction, you say? For some reason this auction included massive amounts of merchandise from, as far as we could discern, Costco. We're talking everything from bags of tomatoes and giant boxes of wagon wheels to multi-packs of toothpaste and shaving cream to clothing. Why? We have no idea. I bought a beaded cotton blouse for $2 and Tyler bought some work pants for $8. It was bizarre. An older lady bought a few boxes of ice cream sandwiches and started handing them out to children and for some reason decided to include me! I think the median age there was about 60. We again neglected to bring food but luckily they were serving a ham dinner with carrots, scalloped potatoes and bread so we ordered it without the ham and received a generous discount. We stayed for three hours. When we left they still had a surprisingly large mound of merchandise to go through. We’re discovering that auctions are a valued form entertainment out here.


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