Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tyler and I went to another auction yesterday. We didn't enjoy it as much as last time. First of all, we left late and neglected to eat a proper breakfast - a misstep that would haunt us later. We then got a flat tire on the way there. By the time we finally arrived we were pretty punchy. We became grumpier when we realized that we were in the middle of nowhere and all there was to eat were burgers and junk food (neither of us eat meat). We filled up on chips, chocolate and pie and drank coffee to keep warm as we waited for the items we were interested in to come up for bid. It took forever. It was very cold. We were standing in mud. Thankfully we didn't leave empty handed. We purchased a coffee table and bookshelf for $2; however, we spent $12 on junk food. Next time we're packing sandwiches!


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