Monday, October 30, 2006

Our kitchen, outdated but functional!


lobstersquad said...

I love your site! I saw it in The small joys, and it´s great. I´ve bookmarked it, but will have to read you out of sight of my husband, who keeps bugging me to go to the country. If he sees this he´ll say " see, see?"

Serena said...

It took Tyler three years to convince me to move out here!

jean said...

greetings Tyler and Serena!
Hey that kitchen looks more spacious than ur pad in vancouver. obviously i missed ur outgoing ball, but happy to have found ur new whereabouts and will aim to stop by next time i do the x-country stretch.

hope the entertainment liscenses are not as prohibitive as vancouver's and that the store will be host to performances or recording sessions by traveling bands!

I bet you can brew a mean aplpe cider in them them parts!

Big hugs,

jean routhier

TB said...

Great to be in contact again. We left in a hurry and without fanfare. Can you forward your email to us?
Thanks, Tyler

Joanne said...

That is a massive kitchen! I really like the flooring. Is it linoleum?

Serena said...

Joanne- It's the biggest kitchen we've ever had! We're not sure about the floor. It looks pretty old so hopefully it's lino rather than vinyl. Apparently before we moved in the whole thing was covered in carpet, ugh! The tenent before us thankfully removed it.