Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Recently we ended up taking our garbage to the dump in Humboldt since the one in Bruno is only open two days a week and we keep missing it. In Humboldt you throw your garbage directly into a landfill instead of a dumpster. It's a pretty sad site. Before moving here I had only visited a dump once, it certainly makes me more conscious (and more disgusted) about the amount of garbage people produce, myself included. It also makes me want to order biodegradable garbage bags. I've been looking into the BioBag.


Anonymous said...

Have you given Biobags a shot? I am looking into purchasing them and was curious to see what others thought of it.

I am making an attempt to go plastic free and I am still in the initial stages.


Serena said...

We haven't tried Biobags yet. All of our energy right know has been focused on getting our living/work situation figured out. I will let you know when we do. Please let me know how your attempts at living plastic free go!

Anonymous said...

I decided against purchasing Biobags (for now) myself because its been in the 90s-100s here and we have no yard space. I wouldn't want to have decomposing trash awaiting the nice garbage people who come to empty the garbage once a week.

Its good to know that there is an option available however. I will use it when I move into a spot with a yard.

Good luck to you, sounds like your journey is teaching you quite a bit. Glad I found you while you were just starting out so I can see your progress.