Sunday, May 28, 2006

When we first moved to the house in Dana we were told there was no landline so we immediately invested in a cell phone. We had to sign up with Sasktel because it had the best coverage in rural areas. We had to get a long distance plan because almost all of our calls would be to Saskatoon or to family members living in other provinces. Sasktel's long distance plan kinda sucks so when we recently discovered wires sticking out of the wall in the kitchen we got excited. Our neighbor informed us that there had definitely once been a phone in the house (before Tyler’s cousins owned it). Great, we thought, we can get a landline instead of our over-priced mobile! We had 30 days to return the cell phone so we went back to the Sasktel store and told them we wanted to hook up a landline. We gave them our address...nothing. It's wasn’t there. What did this mean? It meant a Sasktel rep. would have to visit the house and blah blah blah it would cost us at least $475. Say what? So, we're sticking with the cell and our shitty plan.


Blogger Chuck said...

You should just hook up the lines and see if they work, if they do just use it. if they are unable to find you that means the lines mostlikly still work.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Serena said...

We're going to be leaving this house very soon and we signed a one year cell phone contract which we only had 30 days to get out of. Thanks for the tip though!

5:29 PM  

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