Friday, May 12, 2006

April 2006: The Move

Our plan had been to leave Vancouver on the evening of Saturday April 29th and arrive in Dana, Saskatchewan, by Tuesday evening (with a day off in Edmonton to visit family).

This plan did not work.

Attaching a U-Haul trailer to our truck ended up requiring some repair to our truck’s wiring. This ate up hours of time. Packing the small trailer was sufficiently nightmarish. We hit panic when the back of our truck became jammed shut after a test closing it. We weren’t done packing it yet. It took an hour but Tyler managed to finally open it with a screwdriver and hammer. We then began giving furniture away to anyone who passed. We left a day later than expected. It took us two days to get to Edmonton, where we arrived Tuesday evening rather than Sunday. We left early the next day and made it to Dana that evening just in time to unpack while there was still daylight and return the U-Haul on time.

It was snowing in Saskatchewan when we arrived.

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